Open Call for the project

This is a large-scale open call inviting everyone around the world to apply for the one "face" to float in the sky of Tokyo in 2020. All people from different countries, genders and age range are welcome to participate in 3 simple steps.

Application closed on June 30, 2019.
Thank you for applying.

How to apply Face Deciding Process FAQ

How to apply

You can instantly apply by preparing 4 pictures of your face: The front, the back, the right, and the left!

Face Deciding Process

- "Open Call": An open call to invite “face” applications from everywhere in the world through the internet.
- "Face Collecting Workshop": To search and collect faces in public spaces of Tokyo.

Through these two programs, “masayume” will widely collect faces.
These collected faces will be seriously discussed and reviewed in the "Face Meeting," where everyone can participate to discuss "What kind of face should float in summer, Tokyo 2020?"
After these procedures, one face will be selected by Haruka Kojin, the artist of [mé].
*The project office will be responsible of the personal information collected through the application process, which will not be used for any other purposes besides this project.


Can I apply for a friend or a fictional character?
Application can be made of an individual that exists at the time of application and only for yourself. If there is anyone that you would like to recommend, you can share this project from below.

*Please beware that the project office will not take responsibility for issues that have occurred because of applications made by others.
Are any photographs acceptable?
Four Photographs are necessary for the application; front (bust up), right profile, left profile, and back. All photographs should be taken in front of a single-colored background. For screening purposes, please ensure the photographs allow a clear view of your face, and refrain from submitting blurry or excessively processed images.
Taking a back shot of myself is kind of difficult...
Please ask a friend or a family member, or try using the self-timer of your camera.
How will the submitted photographs be used?
The photographs collected through the application process could be used for the following purposes:
For screening purposes of selecting the 3D object of the face.
For screening purposes at “Face Collecting Workshop” and “Face Meeting” or other occasions.
For “masayume” archival publications.
For promotion materials of “masayume.”
For usage on “masayume” related media (including archival photos, videos, website, and others).
For promotion/archival usage in “Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL” related materials organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo.
What kind of face will be selected?
Haruka Kojin, the artist of [mé], will select one face under the criterion that will be discussed at the Face Meeting; “the face that should be floating in the sky of Tokyo in summer 2020.”
What is the screening process and schedule?
Details of the screening process and schedule will be updated on the official website and our newsletter.
Please subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to receive the latest information.
Can I know the screening result?
Only the selected candidate will be contacted by the project office.
What should I do if my face is selected?
You will be asked for cooperation related to the production of the 3D object and other related matters of the project, including re-shooting your face, simple interviews, and others. The project office will contact you for further discussion.
Will I be reimbursed for the expense?
The project office will accordingly reimburse if the case necessary expenses would occur, including long distance traveling expenses.
Can I post the selection result on social media?
The project requires the selection result to remain confidential. Please refrain from disclosing the result on social media or any other format until the official release of the artwork in 2020.
When my face floats up, will my name be announced too?
The disclosure of personal information, including your name, will be decided according to the preferences of the selected person.
I do not know anything about contemporary art. Is that ok?
Of course. We look forward to receiving applications from people who have not been close to art. You can try joining an art activity from "Open Call"
What is "masayume"?
It is a project created and produced by the contemporary art team [mé]. This project was selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) as one of the projects in the "Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Public Call for Project Proposals," with the aim of invigorating Tokyo 2020 from the cultural perspective. Please click here for more details.
What does “masayume” mean?
Masayume is a prophesying dream that is only recognised in retrospect after something occurs.
What does “目 [mé]” mean?
“目 [mé]” is the Japanese character that mean “eye.”


For detailed schedule and application of the programs, we will make announcements on our website and in our newsletters. For latest information, please sign up to our newsletter.