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Terms of Application

1. Personal information and photographs of your face will be used in the selection of faces, as well as related workshops and events. There are multiple procedures in the selection process of the face, which will be produced and exhibited as an 3D object. The project team will not produce and present the 3D object without the consent of the applicant.

2. Personal information, excluding the photograph of your face that has been submitted, will only be used for execution and communication purposes of this project, and will not be used for any other objectives.

Applications from ages under 20

If you are aged under 20, please ensure you obtain prior consent from your guardian(s) before you make your application. In the case your application becomes successful, the project office will contact your guardian(s) to once again confirm that they agree to our terms before we begin creating the 3D object.

Usage of the “face” photograph

Photograph faces submitted through this form will be used for the following purposes only, and for no any other objectives.
1. For screening purposes of selecting the 3D object of the face.
2. For screening purposes at “Face Collecting Workshop” and “Face Meeting” or other occasions.
3. For “masayume” archival publications.
4. For promotion materials of “masayume.”
5. For usage on “masayume” related media (including archival photos, videos, website, and others).
6. For promotion/archival usage in “Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL” related materials organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo.

Providing to Third Parties

Please beware that your photographs may be provided to staffs and contractors involved in the creation and presentation of the 3D object. In this case, they will be managed, used and stored under the privacy policies of each company.
No other cases than above or except when prior consent is made with the applicant should any of the personal information collected through this form would be provided to any third party (excluding the case prescribed in Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information).

Management of Personal Information

The collected personal information and face photographs will be appropriately managed under safety, and will be aptly disposed after the period of time necessary for achieving the purpose of use.

Portrait Rights

The images submitted through the application would be freely used for the purpose of this project. Applicant must agree that portrait rights, privacy rights, and publicity rights and other related rights are not to be exercised.


Application of the “face” open call can be made only by the existing oneself. The project office would not take any responsibility in the case any issues occur to related matters in the case an application is made by other persons.

For inquiries regarding personal information:

"masayume" project office
Email: masayume@mouthplustwo.me

Please agree to the terms of application

※Application closed on June 30, 2019. Thank you for applying.