“Face Recruitment” Report

For our project “masayume,” we opened a call for people of all ages, genders and countries/regions during the period of March 26th to June 20th to recruit faces to float up in the sky of Tokyo. We created a website for people to apply for the project by preparing their face photographs taken from four directions, the front, the right, the left and the back, and also conducted a “Face Collecting Workshop” in various locations around Tokyo with the members of 目 [mé] to ask people on the street to have their face photographs taken for the project.

As far as we asked from the applicants, the candidates for this project ranged from less than one-year-old babies to people in their 90s from various countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Korea, Greek, Sweden, Thailand, China, Denmark, Germany, Pakistan, the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, and other areas. With the help of all, the face collecting process did not only take place in Tokyo, but also in the prefectures of Saitama, Akita, Okayama, Oita, and even Vietnam and Lithuania, which in total reached up to over 1000 applicants exceeding our expectations. We will carefully look into each collected faces and handle them in a courteous manner as candidate resources.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who made their applications, those who kindly stopped and listened to us, those who helped us to arrange the venues, those who participated in the face collecting activities, and all those who helped to make this project possible. The project will be continuing until the day the face will float up in the sky, so please look forward to how things would unfold.

What kind of opportunity did the face recruitment offer to the people who applied during the open call period of three months? Here are some quotes from the members of 目 [mé] as a closure of this report.

text: Moena Murata (masayume office)
translations: Kana Kawanishi, Akinori Kasai [Kana Kawanishi Art Office LLC.]

Within the busy days that quickly pass by in a blink, there are sometimes moments that can change things. A dream I saw by coincidence, and somehow kept remembering with the thought that it could be something precious. If such a dream could connect the imagination of others, I’d like to inform it right away to the junior high school student me. To be able to imagine that it could have been “my face” that would float up in the sky until the day the face floats in 2020, and to be able to imagine that it could have been “my face” even after the face actually floats. It may seem over-exaggerated, but I truly believe it was such a miraculous recruitment as if it were kind of a dream. That is the possibility that you could challenge through this project up until today.

Haruka Kojin, Artist of 目 [mé]

It could be my face that would float up in the sky of Tokyo, with the people from all over the world looking at it. The chance of welcoming the 2020 summer with such huge assumption ends today. This was the first and only opportunity. I wish for all people's minds to come together toward a universal spectacle that is verbally unexplainable, transcending all means and statuses. “It could have been me.” I want to share this actuality with the scene appearing in the sky of Tokyo in the summer of 2020.

Kenji Minamigawa, Director of 目 [mé]

“Face Recruitment” Overview

Application period March 26, 2019 (Tue) to June 30, 2019 (Sun)
Application method Official Website, Face Collecting Workshop, face collecting activities in various locations


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