About "masayume"

"When I was in junior high school, I saw a dream. In the dream, all of a sudden, a human face appeared and floated in the sky as if it were a moon. I could not forget the strange feeling I had of this dream, which suddenly occurred to me in the midst of ordinary daily life. Somehow, I had been treasuring this unforgettable dream.”

A gigantic face of an existing someone to float up in the sky of Tokyo, on the occasion of the human’s largest gathering once in four years. Such devastating scene would allow us to reexamine the unbelievable yet realistic experience of our existence in this huge world. The face floating up in the sky would be nobody special—it could be me or you.

"masayume," the project selected as one of the public programs of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, will collect faces from different countries, genders, and age range, which among them "one face in the real world" will be selected to float in the sky of Tokyo in summer 2020.
The project was inspired by the scene Haruka Kojin—the artist from the contemporary art team [mé] whose works have been highly acclaimed their oneness and creativity in various international art festivals—had seen in her dream when she was in junior high school. The project will connect the experience and memories of the various people by sharing the essence of the project, up to the day a face will actually float in the sky.

When I was in junior high school, I saw in my dream a human face suddenly floating in the sky as though it were a moon. For some reason, I could not forget this fortuitous experience that suddenly appeared in my monotonous daily life, and had been treasuring the scene ever since. Back then, I could not even imagine the scene to be actualized, but my dream is coming true.
Instead of calling it my dream, it actually felt as though I was seeing someone else’s dream, making it even more phenomenal that the scene in coming true in Tokyo 2020.
In this newly launched project “masayume,” everyone in the world can be a candidate to submit their faces and join programs, such as the “Face Collecting Workshop” and “Face Meeting”. The project is designed to enable all including those who are often unrelated to art activities to join and participate.
I hope this project, which started from a trivial dream of an ordinary junior high school student, will connect the experiences and memories of the many people and become an opportunity for all of us to reconfirm that we actually do exist in the vast and endless world.

Message by Haruka Kojin, artist and member of [mé]

We are living in this world as "individuals," but at the same time, are also part of the "public." While it seems our daily life and action are based on our intentions, it is also true that sometimes we notice larger elements, like the moon or the sun, or even further outer matters and tremendous power are affecting us. During the Olympic period, audiences over the world will focus on specific individuals and countries that have accomplished great achievements and new records. For each game, meticulously detailed rules are organized in order to officially certify the records. However, there is absolutely no description on why these individuals and countries participate and what value could be achieved through these events. People simply run, compete, and define who is the most outstanding, while the worldwide audience watch and confirm. Why does it deeply impress us so much, that at times it brings us to tears, and make us repeat it once every four years? This large-scale collective action, which seems illogical as a survival strategy, could be transcending its initial purposes and becoming a special gathering that reconfirms the existence of humans. As though a bird is flying in the vast sky with individual inclinations while also part of a large flock, to me, the whole act appears as a festive celebration enjoying the existence of individuals for the entire whole. This project would run in parallel with such opportunity, and re-confirms the “face"—the most symbolic of an individual—to be seen in a landscape, which is the most public perspective. If this “face” would be that of a special someone, the project would become an advertisement to deliver the name. Also, if the “face” would not have a scale of a building or a mountain, it will be lost in the environment as somebody in a crowd. That is why the face in “masayume” will be as common as yours or mine, and float in the sky of Tokyo 2020 and confront its landscape that will be collecting attention from the worldwide audience. The scene with a face floating there as it should be as though the moon or the sun, would allow us to focus and reconsider the essence and wonder of this once-in-four-years gathering, and become a philosophical scene that continues to query us.
And moreover, this will be sharing a scene from 22 years ago that a then-14-years-old Japanese girl had seen in her dream.

- Excerpt from the proposal made for the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Public Call