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"masayume"—a project selected as one of the public programs for Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, will collect faces from different countries, genders, and age range, which among them "one face existing in the real world" will be selected to float in the sky of Tokyo in summer 2020. The project was proposed by [mé], a contemporary art team whose originality and creativity has been highly acclaimed in various international art festivals. The project idea was conceived by the mystic scene Haruka Kojin, the artist of the team, had seen in her dream when she was a junior high school student.
"masayume" will connect the experience and memories of the various people by sharing the essence of the project until the very day a face will actually float in the sky.

Project flow

2019.03.26 ~ 06.30 [CLOSED]

Open Call

This large-scale open call invites everyone in the world to apply one's "face" to float up in the sky of Tokyo in 2020. All are highly welcome to apply from the entry form.

2019.05.06 ~ 06.30 [CLOSED]

Face Collecting Workshop

Members of [mé] will carry out workshops in public spaces to search and collect faces. Everyone can join without any registration.

2019.06.23 [CLOSED]

Face Meeting

An open meeting will be held in order to discuss "What kind of face should float up in the summer sky of Tokyo 2020?"

Summer 2020, TBA

Face Floating

A gigantic face will float up in several places in Tokyo, which then finally the selected face will be disclosed.

Project creator: [mé]

[mé] is a contemporary art team consisting of artist Haruka Kojin, director Kenji Minamigawa, and art installer Hirofumi Masui. Maximizing potentials of each members as a creative team, their works are unlimited to any specific media or genre. With a special emphasis on given situations including spatial experiences and traffic-lines of the audience, their works allow viewers to reconfirm the actual world of limitless uncertainty.


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Organized by:
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL is an initiative that will see a variety of cultural programs unfold in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, promoting Tokyo’s appeal as a city of arts and culture.

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Having sought a wide range of ideas for projects that would become the core of the cultural programs for the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL through a public call, a total of 2,436 project proposals were submitted from within Japan and overseas, of which 13 were selected for implementation. The 13 projects will be hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo, with the aim of creating a memorable program that will assist Tokyo in becoming a more creative cultural city in 2020 and beyond.